North Sea Drones AB has been established as an Innovative Drone Developer in South East Indonesia. With more than twenty-five years of experience form designing and building remote controlled, full Composite miniature Aircraft,  we see our selves as pioneers in the business.

Taking the step into Commercial development of UAV’s seemed natural. Having made extensive research on existing Drones Projects, we have found that quite often, are they over-engineered, expensive and underperforming. So, the market for simple yet reliable designs, affordable yet high performing drones is constantly growing.

NSD – 6Y

The NSD 6Y is the result of our aspiration to provide Armed Forces with a VTOL UAS capable of performing aerial surveillance of surface activities during both, daylight and darkness, in a typical worldwide military field operating conditions, providing NATO compliant interoperability.

It is a complete system, based on a ruggedized six-rotor VTOL air-vehicle.  Integrated with various payloads and a secure Ground Control Station, it is a complete solution in a very easy managed and operated system. It is topped off with a state of the art encrypted communications link which includes soldier-comms relay functionality.

It is supported by the integrated logistics support required to operate and maintain the system throughout its lifetime. Our partner, Robot Aviation, has worked hard to create a system that is safe to use, same time providing the highest level of mobility at a competitive cost.


The NSD TDT is a 2.5m Long, 2.0m Wingspan Target Drone, and is Powered by a 200N Turbine Engine. It reaches speeds in access of 450Km/h. With a maximum take-off weight of 25kg, the Craft has a flight time of up to 30 minutes.

The Drone is catapulted into flight and is recovered by Parachute landing. It can also be configured for starting and landing from a runway.

Fitted with a Miss Distance Indication (MDI) system, like the AS-113, from Air Target, it becomes a complete and very mobile Aerial Training System with significantly lowered investment level.

The Drone can be flown manually with 2.4Ghz Remote Control, or by a pre-programmed GPS-route via a Ground Control Station


The NSD HDT is a 2.1m long, 2.0m Wingspan Naval STOVL-Drone, and is Powered by a 180-200N Turbine Engine It can carry a 1.5-2.0kg Payload in the Nose.

With a maximum take-off weight of 25kg, the Craft has an Action Radius of up to 50km. Its Maximum Speed is in excess of 350km/h, while Cruise Speed is 250km/h.

After Completion of a Surveillance/Reconnaissance or Targeting Mission, the Drone returns to the Launch Vessel.

The Vertical Landing is Preceded by first Jettisoning the Disposable Hatches, covering the embedded Wing- and Fuselage-mounted Propellers that act as Gyro Assisted Stabilizers, before swiveling the Turbine into a Vertical Position for the Deck Landing. The Landing Phase (hovering) is limited to two minutes.